Hello World, Again!

As a child, I fell in love with video games and wanted to make my own video games. This is the main reason why I got into programming.

While in college I made a few games/demos using DirectX and random tutorials. Then I applied for job at many game studios but never heard back from them. Then life got in the way, I got a regular programming job. Then I got a startup bug and worked on various side-projects. After various failure of programming side-projects, I decided I should have non-programming side-project/hustle. So I worked as a part-time photographer and got my real estate license.

Now almost 20 years later since first I made games using tutorials, I am again learning game programming.

Over last few weeks, I did research on various game engines, and finally settled on Godot and Flutter. Godot looks like is a beginner friendly game engine. Whereas Flutter is not really a game engine, but it seems perfect for some of simpler educational type games that I am envisioning.

Another thing I did is moving back to WordPress for blogging. I am hoping to write more often about my indie programming and game development journey ahead. I am slowly copying my older popular posts from Hugo but mostly starting over here.

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